Bonifacio Groups was founded in 1998 by a Civil Engineer who has worked in the industry for over Thirty Two years. His experience has exposed him to several common mistakes other fabrication companies make. His goal is to eliminate poor project management, reduce lead times and improve product quality within the engineering industry. 

His technical background helps him recognize the importance of quality required for engineering. Engineers depend on quality fabrication shops to perform the work as per their design and specifications. At Bonifacio Groups we perform both the design and fabrication of structural steel; in doing this we are able to reduce cost, reduce lead time and increase the quality of the project.

Elevated Platform Core Values 
Unlike traditional companies; we have adopted a freedoms and responsibility culture. We have nine particular behavior and skills that we value in our employees.

                                1.  Judgement                                   6.  Courage
                                2.  Communication                            7.  Passion
                                3.  Impact                                          8.  Honesty
                                4.  Curiosity                                       9.  Selflessness
                                5.  Innovation
Our mission is to change the engineering industry by improving the way engineering industry do business.  Our employees are expected and encouraged to exceed industry and customer’s expectations, at every level of our organization. Our goal is to provide our customer with top quality product and fast service to meet the ever changing the demand of the industry. 

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